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When we first launched Eyelash Warehouse, we felt that there were 3 key areas where we had to excel, to become the best in the business. 

The first was sourcing high quality products.
  There are so many poor quality eyelash extension brands on the market. So often we hear horror stories about eyelashes being too stiff and damaging to the natural lash line or simply falling out after been worn for less than a week, so after sourcing samples of eyelashes & adhesives from literally hundreds of different manufacturers we began subjecting the samples to rigorous testing.  Testing that would literally take months at a time.  This would include having live models wear the eyelash extensions as well as conducting some controlled testing in our lab.

What we found was that almost 90% of samples that we had purchased from different manufacturers, failed miserably.
  But in the 10% of samples that passed with flying colours, we found success!!!!  We had in our hands, what we felt were the most high end and professional eyelash extension available.  We were excited!!!

So now we had our products!
  The next step was to create a pricing structure that would work for both the hair & beauty therapist and the consumer.  We decided that even though our products were much higher quality than most of the big players in the industry, we would keep our prices lower.  Much lower in fact!  Whilst most of the high-end eyelash companies charge between $79 and $180 for their adhesives, we charge only $49.95.

Lastly we wanted to make it easier for hair & beauty therapists to add eyelash extensions to their list of services by holding low cost training sessions and supplying free marketing materials using high-end models and photography, designed to impress the pants of anyone who see's them!

Unlike other companies who charge upwards of $1000 per person for eyelash extensions training, we decided to provide training from at little as $299. This is part of our commitment to clean up the industry by ensuring that hair & beauty therapists are giving their clients the best results possible. We also want to make sure that salons can get clients through the door, so we provide them with gorgeous brochures, posters, t-shirts and other marketing materials free of charge (unbelievably, most hair extension companies charge salons for these items).
  We even put all salons who attach Crystal Eyes on our website so potential clients can find the salon closest to them.

With these 3 key areas making up our vision for our company, we have achieved great things over the last 4 years

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